Is Outsourcing the way to get your practice in order?

When it comes to deciding between white-labelled vs. direct contact with your clients, there are a variety of things to consider

We can offer two payroll outsourcing options for accountants.

Payroll for accountants - accountancy-side (white-labelled)

We provide a full payroll service, however you are the intermediary between us and the client, as far as the client is concerned we do not exist. They will pass their payroll data to your practice, who forward it on to us. We process the payroll accurately and on time and return the payslips and reports to you, who then simply forwards them on to the client. We are effectively part of your internal team. The client pays you at your agreed rate, you pay us at our agreed rate.

Payroll for accountants - client-side

If you have no overriding reason to use your own branding for payroll the other option is to let us directly service your client’s payroll requirements using our own branding. We would receive the payroll data directly from the client and send the reports directly back to them. Payment can either be from the client to you at your agreed rate and you pay us at our agreed rate, or the client can pay us at our published rates.

We offer this service as professionals to professionals and therefore would never approach your clients for any reason without your explicit permission, however, we are of course pleased to agree to sign any agreements that you may require formalising this non-approach policy.