Why Outsource

Why you should choose a managed PAYE company...

We are able to provide a full payroll service to your accountancy practice and leave you to concentrate on the more specialised aspects of your business.

Although providing payroll services is not the primary focus of an accountant, it should not be under-estimated how important this service is to your clients. They expect the payroll to be accurate and on time month in and month out, no exceptions.

By outsourcing your payroll services to us, you are ensuring that specialists are looking after your payroll.

We offer a fully managed, UK-based outsourcing service for accountants and end users. Unlike some offshore outsourcing alternatives your clients can contact us directly with their payroll input and queries, freeing up your time and resources entirely. In effect, we become your payroll department, leaving you with nothing to do but bill your clients.

A growing number of accountancy practices have decided to entrust this important and business-critical service to us.