What are the benefits for you?

7 reasons why you should choose Payroll Village...

  • Retain self employed status

    Under other payroll systems there are often rules about your employment status, with CIS you can retain you status as a self-employed individual where you retain control of your business, saving on the costs of administration.

  • Paperwork handled by us

    With all the time you spend working, it is often disappointing to come home and find a mountain of paperwork needing more time and energy to put together your invoices for companies you have worked for. With Payroll Village this is handled by us, relieving you of any burden of processing payments.

  • Monthly Tax and National Insurance handled

    Each year the tax system changes, with amounts and rules continuously changing. Our team at Payroll Village are constantly in contact with HMRC, maintaining records and information to keep you and all our clients up to date with information. With this constant contact and updating procedure, our processes simply keep you paying the right amount of tax and National Insurance, no missed payments, and therefore no fines or charges when it comes to the payroll information in your tax returns.

  • Competitive margin

    Our margin is one of the lowest in the industry at 10.00 per week with no hidden deductions. We only deduct our margin when we process your payment.

  • Insurance and protection

    Coverage with insurance can be expensive and complicated to ensure that every scenario is covered for and is appropriate for your construction site. if you do not have your own insurance, we are able to refer you to a broker that will not only offer you a discounted price but they will also insure you your business.

  • Access to employee benefits

    Many employers of larger organisations offer discounts to their employees, such as gym membership, discounts on financial advice, healthcare, and a variety of lifestyle choices. As a self-employed worker it can be harder to access such discounts, not with Payroll Village however; we will give you access to our Group benefits and more using our Flexi rewards scheme.

  • Free online portal

    Access to our industry leading online portal makes it simple to submit your timesheet, process expense claims and track your current or historic pay to view copies of your payslip in one place all without the need to make a telephone call to us – unless you just fancy a chat that is!

Your next step...

So why not come and join our growing community at Payroll Village and make the most of all the benefits we can offer.

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