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Public Liability Insurance

If you are genuinely self-employed and in business on your own account you should have Public Liability Insurance which is a legal requirement. Public Liability Insurance protects companies and their workers for claims other parties have made for damage or injury caused where there has been negligence in providing some or all of the services. The difference here is that the claim wouldn't be made by an employee, but another member of the public.

An example of a claim made under this kind of insurance would be where a contractor left computer cables somewhere they shouldn't be, and a member of the public trips over them causing a serious injury. Any claims to be made would come under this kind of policy.

In order to work via Payroll Village CIS, you have to have your own Public Liability Insurance in case someone tries to sue you for damages.

If you do not have your own cover then we can, however, refer you to one of our partner brokers to provide you with a low cost and competitive quote.

If you have your own Public Liability Insurance please forward a copy of your certificate to us.