Which payroll is right for you?

Selecting the right payroll for you can, as a temporary worker or contractor, include a number of different options for you. Here at Payroll Village our team will work with you to select the payroll that is right for you. Each one can work differently so not everyone is suited.

Our guide below will take you through each of the options available to you, follow the links to learn more.

Choices available to you are...
  • Umbrella

    Umbrella payroll offers you the benefits of having your own Limited company, but without the time-consuming administration and compliance. These tasks are handled by our team here, taking out your expenses, calculating tax, and then paying you for the work completed. One advantage of this system is the benefit claiming expenses can make to your net pay.


  • Limited Company

    Creating a Limited company is one way that you can directly control and manage your working relationships with companies. Invoices can be submitted to companies that then request payment. Payroll Village are able to take care of your payroll through our PAYE system, managing each detail and compliance with HMRC.


  • Construction Industry Scheme

    Working on a construction site and looking to be paid for this work? Under this Government scheme, the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) sets out the payment structure and rules for you as a self-employed contractor, subcontractor, agency worker or business. Payroll Village deal with this scheme to keep you up to date and paid within each of the schemes.


With each of the choices it can be a lot of information to evaluate before making your decision. At each stage we will guide you through the process, talking you through your options and taking care of the paperwork. At Payroll Village we aim to make payroll as simple as possible, taking the weight of payment off your mind.