1. How long does it take to join?

Depending on your current status and whether you are a contractor or subcontractor the time scales will vary, for contractors it can take 10 days, with a PAYE number already this is shortened to 72 hours. For subcontractors this is either 5 weeks without a UTI number, or immediately, with one.

2. Why do you need my original ID?

The law states that before anyone starts work, original ID's must be seen by the employer and copies taken and retained as proof that the person is allowed to work in the UK.

3. What ID do you need from me?

We will require one form of photo ID (e.g. a passport, driver’s license, or a National ID card) along with a bank statement or utility bill to prove your residential address. For non-UK nationals, there will be further documentation required such as a work permit, passport of origin and proof of address.

4. How does the verifying process work?

Once we receive your details, including your UTR number and National Insurance Number, we will contact the CIS Help line and verify your details. Please ensure that all details provided are correct as incorrect information could lead to you paying 30% tax instead of 20%. If we have any queries in relation to your details, a member of the team will contact you to confirm the information that you have submitted to us.

5. When will I be paid?

Usually your payment will be credited to your bank account every Friday. This payment will be for the previous week.

6. How will I know funds have been credited to my account?

You can opt in to receive an SMS text message confirming that your payment has been made.

7. Who pays my tax due to the Inland Revenue?

Don’t worry. Here at Payroll Village we take care of all your tax payments to the Inland Revenue.

8. Do you issue statement of earnings?

Yes we do.  Statements of earnings will be issued between 7th of the month and the 26th of the month. This will show payments on a weekly basis, the amount of tax you have paid and your net earnings.

9. Who do I contact if I have a query with my statement?

If you have any queries regarding your statement of earnings you can contact our team on 020 7537 6641.