1. What information do you require on my first day of employment?

We will require your P45, or if you do not have a P45 we will ask you to complete a P46. We will also require your bank and personal details.

2. What happens if I do not have a P45?

If you do not have a P45 when you join we will send you out a form P46. Please complete this form and return it to us for it to be forwarded to the Inland Revenue. Whilst the form is being actioned by the Inland Revenue you will be placed on an emergency tax code. Once your new tax code is received this will be actioned, and in some cases you may be eligible for a tax rebate.

3. When will I be paid?

Usually your payment will be credited to your bank account every Friday. This payment will be for the previous week.

4. When will I receive a P60?

Legally you should receive your P60 on or before the 31st May.

5. My payslip's shows that I have been underpaid – what should I do?

Notify us as soon as you see that you have been underpaid. We will look into the query and how it occurred. Once we have an answer we will contact you and advise how the underpayment will be paid to you.

6. How much holiday do I receive?

You are entitled to 20 days paid holiday along with Bank Holidays, making a total of 28 days inclusive.

7. Who do I contact if my pay is incorrect?

You will need to contact your Account Manager as soon as you notice that you pay is incorrect.

8. What happens if I lose a payslip or my P60 and require a copy?

You can request a copy from.......................... Please note that we can only issue one copy of a P60.

9. Do I get sick pay?

You will receive Statutory Sick Pay upon receipt of the correct documentation. This should either be a self-certification for under 7 days sickness or a valid doctors note for over 7 days of sickness.

10. I have a student loan – what happens?

You will need to inform the student loan department that you have commenced employment. They will then write to us asking us to make the deduction from you salary. You will only commence paying the student loan off if you earn over £1,250.00 per month.