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Security black-hole; how the Olympics is drawing more than just tourists

Recent weeks and months have seen reports and newspaper articles focused on the mammoth security operation for the Olympics, and how catastrophically underestimated the numbers needed have been. One article in the Evening Standard called this the “Olympic Security Bungle”; read the full article here.

Of course this raises a number of questions, predominantly associated with how LOCOG and G4S could have made this miscalculation, and what they intend to do about it.

Counter to these questions comes one than many are not thinking of…yet. What happens to the security market when the Olympics begins, with hundreds of thousands descending to protect Stratford, does the market consider the posts that they will leave behind?

Being connected as a Payroll Partner to the Security industry has afforded Payroll Village, part of The Carrington Blake Group, a wider awareness of how small firms and businesses will be affected in the coming year.

Payroll Village offers incentives that can be used for staff retention, accessing enhancements to the lifestyles of staff. In addition to these benefits company owners, are more able to concentrate on the business at hand, rather than administering payroll.

Find out more about how we partner with security firms to provide them with more than just a simple payroll, but rather acting on the rising concerns of both businesses and consumers in the run up to the Olympics.

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