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March 2013

Our very own manager, will speak at this year's Payroll World Spring Update Conference

Our very own Jamie Flarry, Payroll Manager, will be speaking at this year's Payroll World Spring Update Conference. Find out our what we have to say about RTI: For Small Businesses...


August 2012

Our very own manager featured in Payroll World

If you are a reader of Payroll World you may have seen our very own Jamie, Payroll Manager here at Payroll Village, being featured in their monthly magazine. Read about what led him to us, the famous people he has payrolled and what he is looking forward to...


February 2012

AWR headache leads to employers terminating contracts

After the introduction of new AWR regulations October 2011 it has been a minefield for companies looking to comply. One of the responses has been for companies to cut their workers rather than to employ temporary workers. At Payroll Village we are keeping up to date with the changes and how they affect you.


Small businesses and payroll save money

2012 will be a year of ups and downs for small business, looking to grow in a tough climate, but also make savings to support consolidation efforts. Outsourcing can provide an immediate release in cash flow, supporting these efforts and invest in driving more customers to a business, whilst retaining current ones.


January 2012

Security black-hole; how the Olympics is drawing more than just tourists

With 2012 in full swing it is time to look forward to the olympics, but has everything been covered? Ongoing reports have looked at the massive security black hole of personnel, however what happens to the positions that are left behind. Payroll Village investigate.