What are the benefits for you?

7 reasons why you should choose PAYE Maxi...

  • Increase your employment rights

    You will enjoy the same rights as a permanent employee and will receive statutory sick pay (SSP), statutory maternity pay (SMP) and also statutory paternity pay (SPP).

  • Unlock more of your income

    Getting to and from work is as important as the lunch that you eat. With PAYE Maxi it is possible to offset these expenses against your tax and National Insurance, unlocking more potential income allowing your net pay to grow. Supported by the HMRC, PAYE Maxi is unique in how it benefits you.

  • We got you covered

    Knowing you have the insurance that is right for your work is going to make you feel looked after. At Payroll Village we carry the insurance to protect you in the work place, knowing you can do your job in safety. Cover is included when you sign with us.

  • Access to employee benefits

    Many employers of larger organisations offer discounts to their employees, such as gym membership, discounts on financial advice, healthcare, and a variety of lifestyle choices. Join Payroll Village to gain access to these benefits and more.

  • Versatile

    Continue to use Payroll Village and our services as you move between agency's or change your career allowing you to keep your continuious employment status.

  • Free online portal

    Access to our industry leading online portal, making it simple to submit your timesheet, you can track your current or historic pay and view copies of your payslip all in one place. More importantly, all without the need to make a telephone call to us - unless you just fancy a chat that is!

  • Free SMS

    We will send you a text message once your payment has been processed confirming your net pay and email your payslip to you.

Your next step...

So why not speak to us about joining our growing community at Payroll Village and make the most of all the benefits we can offer.