Claiming Expenses

Claiming expenses under PAYE Maxi

As an employee of Payroll Village you will be able to submit certain types of expenses claims in accordance with the rules that are issued by HMRC, However, it can be a minefield trying to figure out what expenses you can and cannot legitimately claim. All expenses claimed must have been incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of your duties of your employment with Payroll Village.

There are strict rules in place which determine what you may claim. In order to ensure the expenses you are claiming are legitimate and valid, you will need to use an Expenses Verification Service. We will refer you to our recomended Expenses Verification Company when you join us.

The Expenses Verification Company will then check and approve your expenses for processing with your weekly payment. It is important to understand that many of the expenses you are allowed to claim are allowable only because you become an employee of the Payroll Village.

As this is a tax solution you must reach the tax threshold before we can put expenses through for you.

Submitting Expenses Claims

The process of claiming expenses is simple and straightforward - you simply need to complete, sign and send the Expenses Verification Company claim form weekly by 2pm on a Monday. We will then guarantee that they are offset against your tax and National Insurance..

We insist that all expenses claimed are fully supported by receipts and will not permit any unsubstantiated "round sum" allowances. All receipts are retained and we randomly check a percentage of claims every week to ensure that only genuine and substantiated claims are processed.