What is PAYE Maxi?

Payroll Village has been working with leading tax advisors and specialist legal professionals to develop a new payroll model, PAYE Maxi, in order to address issues such as:

  • Difficulty payrolling lower income workers since changes in National Minimum Wage legislation - they will not be able to go through any Umbrella payroll model legitimately.
  • Concerns that the only option is to employ temporary workers leaving you with employer responsibility, paperwork and Employers National Insurance.
  • Low paid workers suffering “indirect” or “direct” discrimination through domestic law. The fact that low paid workers are prevented from claiming NIC relief, under a salary sacrifice scheme or via the self-assessment process, puts this group of workers at a disadvantage which is contrary to EU Law.

PAYE Maxi, was developed by Payroll Village at the end of 2012, to provide a specialist payroll option to agencies and companies who are finding that the ‘usual’ payroll models no longer works for them.

PAYE Maxi is

  • Straightforward
  • Legal
  • A cost free solution
  • Agency Worker Regulations friendly
  • No Employers National Insurance, no Managed Service Company risk, no 3rd party debt transfer
  • A legal alternative to the Umbrella model for those earning on or near the National Minimum Wage
  • A legal alternative to those employees who do not want to use the Umbrella model