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Low paid workers suffering “indirect" or “direct” discrimination through domestic law. The fact that low paid workers are prevented from claiming NIC relief, under a salary sacrifice scheme or via the self-assessment process, puts this group of workers at a disadvantage which is contrary to EU Law….

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Low paid workers

We employ temps so you don't have to

Concerns that the only option is to employ temporary workers leaving you with employer responsibility, paperwork and Employers National Insurance….

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Tired of self-assessment?

Tired of self-assessment?

January often marks the start of something new, however for many this marks the processing of something old and undeniably unforgettable. That is why with PAYE Maxi we take that burden from you and we become your personal accountant. All that's required is that you send us all of your expense receipts on a regular basis. Job done.

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Tired of self-assessment?

How can we help you?

As a company you have to pay your staff on time and accurately. Traditionally this is always carried out through the PAYE system, making sure that the tax is taken care of and that National Insurance is paid.

PAYE Maxi is a way that you as a business can help low paid contractors and temporary workers unlock more of their income by claiming legitimate expenses to offset against their tax and National Insurance. Through legislation that HMRC created these can then unlock more income for your workers, effectively meaning they can increase take home pay.

What can Payroll Village do for me as a business?

If you are a business who is paying temporary staff or contractors at or near the National Minimum Wage, then we have a solution for your business. Payroll Village have been handling this payroll system for many years, and our experience in this area we will show you how to make your operations more efficient. Our team process, pay, record and handle queries from all of your temporary staff, whilst maintaining HMRC compliance.

We are able to facilitate the expansion of your business in respect to payroll, allowing you to focus on growing your enterprise.

What can Payroll Village do for me as a worker?

If you are a contractor or temporary worker then you will have come across umbrella payroll at some point. However, if you are a low paid contractors or temporary worker or paid near the National Minimum Wage you will know Umbrella is unsuitable for you.

Payroll Village now have a payroll solution designed completely for you. We specialise in helping low paid contractors and temporary workers maximise their take home pay whilst still being paid via PAYE.

Why choose Payroll Village to look after my payroll?

At a time where savings for your business is important and keeping on top of legislation can become a daily challenge, choosing a payroll company to manage your temporary staffs' payroll lets you spend more time growing your business, than worrying about the payroll.

Our team provides you with a reliable, accurate and professional service, explained simply so that you get the benefits from day one. Benefit from peace of mind and transparent paperwork.

With excellent customer service and on-time payments, not only will your paperwork be correct and up to date, but we will deal with any calls and visits from HMRC.

Contact us to see the benefits for yourself, with a free no obligation conversation about your payroll.