Why Outsource

Why you should choose a managed PAYE company...

The purpose of any payroll system is to calculate the correct PAYE deductions from the employee and also to calculate the employer National Insurance, produce payslips for each employee and account for payroll deductions to HMRC.

Running a payroll system is natural for medium and large companies who may employ specialist payroll staff to perform these functions. Many medium and large companies still choose to outsource the payroll function leaving many of the technical issues that might be encountered to a specialist payroll provider.

Small businesses may choose to accept the benefits of outsourcing their payroll function because they are not familiar with the complications that can occur as employee circumstances need to be accounted for and the process can be time consuming.

The payroll system should not only calculate the PAYE deductions, but also it has to deal with changes to employee tax codes, starters and leavers as well as statutory payments such as, statutory sick pay, maternity benefits, pension contributions and student loan repayments.

The benefits of a small business manually producing the payroll are mainly the cost is low although the time spent on the payroll by the proprietor may be better spent generating business.

Outsourcing the payroll does add a small additional cost to running the business but would normally carry worthwhile benefits in reducing the time spent on the payroll process and should also reduce the PAYE administrative burden.

Payroll Village is a company that is dedicated to processing and providing a complete service. We provide the benefits of an in-house payroll department for a fraction of the costs. Therefore you save time and money when processing your payroll. The results are easy to see, you release more of your companies budgets to go towards investing in growing your business, unlocking more of your potential.