PAYE is changing are you ready?

From April 2013, all UK employers have to notify PAYE to HMRC, at the same time they pay their employees. It's RTI.

It's the law! Penalties apply..….

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I need to save time, and money on my payroll

At Payroll Village we understand how time consuming running a payroll can be.

With our fully trained staff you can leave it all to us, while you focus on growing your business. Learn about how we make payroll simple….

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I am looking for a payroll company

If you are looking for a new payroll company to handle all of your needs then Payroll Village is the community you have been looking for.

Find out how Payroll Village has helped clients before with their dedicated account manager.

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How can we help you?

If you are an employer of a member of permanent staff or a Sole Director then PAYE (pay-as-you-earn) is the right payroll for you. For companies of all sizes this is a perfect solution to manage the costs of administration and processing. Of course there are other benefits of using Payroll Village as a service, mainly through the access to a whole host of fantastic extra employee and employer benefits that can enhance both your business and personal lifestyle requirements whilst allowing you access to adviceas and when you need it most.

What can Payroll Village do for me?

We are able to facilitate the expansion of your business in respect to payroll, allowing you to focus on growing your business. We are able to provide as much, or as little, support your needs in respect to your payroll keeping you in complete control. We pride ourselves on being the cheapest payroll management service in the market.

Why choose Payroll Village to look after my payroll?

At a time where savings for your business is important and keeping on top of legislation can become a daily challenge, choosing a payroll company to manage your clients' payroll lets you spend more time growing your business, than worrying about the payroll.

Our team provides you with a reliable, accurate and professional service, explained simply so that you get the benefits from day one. Benefit from peace of mind and transparent paperwork.

With excellent customer service and on-time payments, not only will your paperwork be correct and up to date, but we will deal with any calls and visits from HMRC.

Contact us to give you a payroll quote for your business payroll, or if you have a query or problem don't hesitate to give us a call on 020 7537 6641.