Choosing your payroll

We at Payroll Village work hard to select the right payroll for each company, carefully selecting the most effective way to provide the benefits of each to both the employer and employee. Below you will find each of our payroll services, with the company that this is most appropriate to.

Your Payroll Options
  • Umbrella

    Umbrella is an ideal payroll for your business if you take on a temporary worker or are managing a number of staff on this temporary basis. Umbrella unlocks savings for both the employer and employee through a scheme designed by HMRC which covers expenses and National Insurance against the payroll company. Payroll Village are experts at unlocking this legislation and managing the payment of these staff members. Want to know how this can work in your business?more

  • PAYE Maxi

    As a company you have to pay your staff on time and accurately. Traditionally this is always carried out through the PAYE system, making sure that the tax is taken care of and that National Insurance is paid. PAYE Maxi is a way that you as a business can help temporary staff unlock more of their income by claiming legitimate expenses to offset agsainst their tax and National Insurance. Through legislation that HMRC created these can then unlock more income for your workers, effectively meaning they can increase take home pay.more

  • Construction Industry Scheme

    If you are part of the construction industry then the chances are that you are a contractor or subcontractor. Therefore as part of rules within the industry the government set up the scheme, keeping records and maintaining payments. As part of these rules the administration can be complex and take time to implement. Payroll Village manage these payments and records for companies, and therefore save time and money in the flexible nature of construction. Find out more about how we can manage your records and subcontractors. more

  • PAYE

    One of the most common payroll systems is the pay-as-you-earn system, calculating staff contributions for tax and National Insurance was they are earning their pay, therefore taking out the need for them to complete tax returns and submit them to the HMRC. Payroll Village take the burden of administration companies are faced with, handling these processes for your business. This payroll solution is right for you if you are employing permanent staff, looking to save money on a payroll department, or currently administering this yourself. Find out more about how PAYE can be managed in your business.more

  • PAYE For Accountants

    We know that as an accountant you are given a lot of pressure to offer a wide array of services and perform as well as multi-national competitors that now have a high presence on the internet. We understand that you will never be able to afford the comparably low margins gained by larger companies, but we both know that local is best and we are here to allow you to expand your services whilst demanding a higher margin at a comparable cost to multi-national accountancies. Find out more about how outsourcing your clients payrolls can help grow your business.more

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Guided by our experts your company will find the right payroll to manage each of the aspects of administration, through to paying staff directly.

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