Become an employee

Are you a contractor or freelancer?

Becoming an employee of Payroll Village is a simple and straightforward process. You can sign up online in a matter of mintues, and from the moment you sign our contract you become an employee.

  • We provide you with full employment rights through an Overarching Contract of employment. This means that your employment with us continues even if you aren't working on an assignment.
  • As our employee you are covered by our comprehensive insurance policies.
  • Our expectation is that you will remain an employee of Payroll Village and work on successive assignments with us.
  • We will agree and enter into contracts for your services and we'll take responsibility for all contractual matters.
  • As your employer, we will deduct PAYE and National Insurance on your earnings and remit all deductions to HMRC.
  • We will deal with the Taxman on your behalf.

We give you all the guidance you need on allowable business expenses which you can claim through the Payroll Village Umbrella Scheme.

How we work, and what it means for you:

Payroll Village will make clear to you that you are an employee and we'll explain to you the nature of our Overarching Contract of employment; a contract that doesn't end when your current assignment ends. Part of your job will be to find work for Payroll Village, as well as your usual day to day services of whatever skill you have.

  • We will invoice your agency or end user for the services provided
  • We will process your weekly expense claim form
  • Money is received by us from the agency
  • A Salary is paid to you not less than the National Minimum Wage
  • Legitimate business expenses are added to your pay
  • We pay you your weekly earnings less Employee NI and tax (PAYE)
  • Note that the fee we charge for the provision of your services to the agency or end user and the company contribution to NI are paid from the profits of the company

To see how what a difference Umbrella will make to your take home pay, why not try our Pay Comparison Calculator.

What next?

So why not come and join our growing community at Payroll Village and make the most of all the benefits we can offer.

Do you have any more questions about Payroll Village Umbrella? Read our FAQ section or contact one of our dedicated team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.