Umbrella for agencies

As a company you have to pay your staff on time and accurately. Traditionally this is always carried out through the PAYE system, making sure that the tax is taken care of and that National Insurance is paid. However when you have temporary workers in your business this is not always the best way to pay them.

Umbrella is a way that you as a business can help temporary staff unlock more of their income, along with claiming expenses as part of their travel and food needs. Through legislation that HMRC created this can then unlock more income for your workers, effectively meaning they can increase take-home pay.

How does this affect my business?

Umbrella Payroll is great for your business as it provides a number of benefits for you, therefore reducing costs and can help to increase employee satisfaction. Here are the benefits that you can receive through Payroll Village.

  • Remove costs and hassle of administration

    With payroll administration there are many costs that are associated with paying staff, often these can be high, especially for small and medium businesses. With Umbrella Payroll you can reduce these costs on a number of levels, through staffing, in the amount of paperwork, and through licences for payroll processing computer programmes.

  • Make National Insurance Savings

    Umbrella payroll is unique when it comes to National Insurance. Through administering your payroll through a payroll services company the burden of National Insurance is no longer down to you. As an Umbrella Company it then becomes our responsibility to meet these demands by the HMRC. For a detailed explanation on how this is possible contact us and we will explain how this works.

  • No set up or termination fees

    We believe that setting up and terminating your payroll should cost you nothing, so we don't charge you at all. Confused? Don't be, we really don't charge you anything for moving your payroll, our team will tell you more about this when they speak with you. All you need to know is that whatever you decide it will cost your company nothing. In fact we are so confident we are able to offer you a rebate from our charges when you come on board.

  • Spend time growing your business

    If you are a business owner then you know how precious your time can be, and that any distractions can impact your business goals. With a managed payroll company your time is returned to where it should be, on your business, generating revenue and increasing leads. Payroll Village provide a full service, taking care of everything, from the processing, to the paperwork and legal. Our dedicated Account Managers will keep you informed about everything you need.

  • Payroll legal advice and support

    Keeping up with any legal issues and news in the market place can take as much time as the payroll itself, if not more. Payroll Village staff are all experts and are on hand to provide you with information about what is happening in the industry, keeping you compliant at every step.

  • Mandatory requirements completed

    Payroll Village complete all the paperwork for you, including managing the P60's, P45's, and P11D's within the time limits that HMRC set out. Filling them in correctly and sending them out where necessary. All of this further reduces your burdens in your payroll

Your next step...

Thinking about how your business can benefit from a managed payroll and want to know more about what we offer, then contact us and our team will take you through how Umbrella will be a benefit to your business.

Make payroll simple and pay your temporary staff using Payroll Village.