Happie Group PAYE Maxi

PAYE Maxi is a PAYE payroll which gives low paid contractors or temporary workers the full benefits of umbrella. This solution allows low paid contractors or temporary workers to offset expenses against their tax to ensure their take home pay is higher. Once registered, you will need to submit any expenses that you wish to claim via an expense verification company who will verify your expenses for Happie Group to process. Happie Group will then invoice your agency and pay the money direct to your bank account after offsetting your expenses.

Benefits of PAYE Maxi

• Unlock More of Your Income

Getting to and from work is as important as the lunch that you eat. With PAYE Maxi it is possible to offset both of these expenses against your tax and National Insurance, allowing your net pay to grow. Supported by the HMRC, PAYE Maxi is unique in how it benefits you.

• Accurate and on-time salary payments

Experience a hassle-free payday with no delay in payments or misplaced expenses claims. What’s more, PAYE Maxi is a payment method where your money can work harder for you, all within HMRC legislation.

• Full employment rights

Becoming Happie Group’s employee doesn’t mean you will have to work at our office, it simply means that we become your employer. You will also benefit from full employment rights including Sick pay, Holiday pay, Maternity/Paternity pay and other such benefits which you would enjoy if you were in full-time employment.

• Versatile

Continue to use Happie Group and our services as you move between assignments allowing you to keep your continuous employment status.

• Alternative to the Umbrella

Since changes in National Minimum Wage legislation, those paid on or near the National Minimum Wage can not go through any Umbrella payroll model legitimately. PAYE Maxi is a straightforward, legal alternative to Umbrella.

• We’re based in the UK

Offshore Umbrella Companies are designed to avoid taxation are a danger to UK contractors that use them. Happie Group offers an entirely rely onshore solution and we are happy to provide as much information as you require. We are incorporated in the UK, have UK banking arrangements and are registered as an employer with HMRC. No contractor money leaves the UK.


Becoming an employee of Happie Group is a simple and straightforward process. You can sign up by completing the enclose PAYE Maxi Registration Form.

Once we receive your completed Registration Form, we will notify the agency you wish to be paid via Happie Group ready to process your 1st payment.